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ETGAR is representing CAEB international in Israel

ETGAR is representing CAEB international in Israel Etgar officialy represents CAEB in Israel and India

The annual New Mexico Chili conference

ETGAR will participate the Annual New Mexico Chile Conference

ETGAR representative will share the progress and vision of the mechanized pepper harvest:

  • Review on 2015; The Green Chili mechanizedharvest in New Mexico & Arizona during the   season of Aug-Sep 2015.

  • Vision for 2016; focusing onsupporting and progressing the pepper industry in NM & Arizona; presentingthe advantages of performing a de-stemming process in plant.   


ETGAR participated AGRITECH 2015, the 19th International Exhibition & Conference, Tel-Aviv, Israel

We would like to thank all who visited us at our display.  ETGAR exhibited its innovative unique pepper harvesting solutions at the innovation pavilion.


ETGAR Designing Better Crop  looks forward to the opportunity of hosting you at our stand during the

19th International Agricultural Exhibition & Conference April 28-30, 2015

TLV Convention Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Our exhibition is located at the innovation Pavilion

For appointments, please contact:  Mrs. Adi Ezuz-Orpaz

Tell:  +972.4.9835166  Cell: +972.54.4963023  E-mail:

Annual New Mexico Chile Conference 2015

ETGAR will participate theconference and invites you to visit & meet at the OXBO & ETGAR booth.

The conferencewill be held the evening of February 2nd and a full day February 3rd, 2015.

Registrationinformation & program details are available on the events page.

ETGAR is representing OXBO in Israel

Etgar officialy represents Oxbo in Israel on Olive & Grape harvesters & for technical support.

Automated Destemer System

Bringing You New Technology In Automation

The Pepster - Automated Destemer System

The pepster by Prime Tech Manufaturing (PTM) is designed to pull stems off the peppers at a rate of about two tons per hour.

The 22nd international pepper conference Nov. 17-20, 2014 Vina del Mar - Chile

The aim of the conference is to bring together those with an interest in the current status of pepper and Capsicum research, extension and technology. Topics of interest will include to:

  • Breeding, genetics, genomic.
  • Plant physiology and stress physiology.
  • Horticultural management and production (rootstocks, production methods, cultural systems, irrigation and sustainable approaches).
  • Protected agriculture (greenhouse, shade-house, and tunnel).
  • Integrated pest management (weed, insect and disease management).
  • Post-harvest issues (post-harvest physiology and technology).
  • Industry, marketing and trade.
  • Functional use and health (nutraceutical content and adding-value) .

MOSES 1010 demonstration in New Mexico State University

Central-and Northern-Arava Research and Development

Open Day Arava, 15-16 January 2014

ETGAR participated the 23rd Annual Fresh Agro Mashov

We would like to thank those who visited us our display.
ETGAR exhibited its innovative unique harvesting solutions at the innovation pavilion at the Fresh Agro Mashov , the international exhibition of the world's leading players in the marketing of fresh agricultural produce that took place 11-12 June, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 

International pepper conference

We would like to thank those who visited our display during the international pepper conference.
ETGAR Designing Better Crops appeared in the 21st international pepper conference on November 4-6, 2012 in Naples, Florida, USA.
For the past 25 years, the International Pepper Conference is recognized as the premier venue for the dissemination and exchange of information on all pepper types.

ETGAR specializes in mechanized solutions and improvement in pepper yield, exhibited its unique pepper harvesting solution including the new 1000 & 2000 series. 
Mr. Etgar spoke about the worlds tendency towards mechanical harvesting solutions. To view the presentation Transformation from hand labor to Mechanical Harvesting
For more information about the exhibition:

The first series of 1000 has been launched

The new series, designed in a modern form & lightweight, is compatible for small and large areas.
The tools were designed to meet farmers needs and several improvements have been implemented in order to simplify maximize the crop recovery.
Very soon the tools will start working in fields throughout the U.S. and India
The machine can also pick Tagetes flowers due to the gentle abstraction that the helix-shaped strippers allow.

More about Peppers

Watch how Elad Etgars pepper harvester head maximizes yield, makes harvesting more effective and reduces manual labor. This video shows the machine in operation, before, during and after harvesting.

Visit to the Xinjiang Region in China

In 2009, I was invited in my capacity of consultant to Oxbo to introduce a beans combine for a field trial for harvesting peppers. The trial was a great success and the customer acquired the combine.
That was a great opportunity to establish close ties with Mr. Hong, owner and manager of Xinjiang Longping High-tech Hong'an Seeds Co., Ltd., who later came to Israel to evaluate Elad Etgars developments. He purchased four new combines from our company and Oxbo.

Elad Etgar at Agritech 2012

Etgar Ldt. has participeted in the Agritec 2012 exhabition in the special innovations booth
Elad Etgar welcomed visitors with varieties of peppers that demonstrate the novelty of his designs.