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Bell Pepper - Series 2000

Bell pepper in all its varieties (green, red, brown, yellow) is the most common type of sweet pepper; it is found in virtually every supermarket and is very popular in the frozen produce industry. Although the growth in consumption of this type of pepper in recent years has benefitted growers, they still face fierce competition.
The harvester head for bell peppers features a modern and simple design based on the standard helix harvester head that is fitted with additional means at the front for picking the pepper from the field.
The head removes the pepper from the plant without causing any damage. It delivers excellent performance, incurs low maintenance costs and ensures a very high quality harvested product. Once loaded on the conveyor, the pepper is transferred to the combine to be cleaned and separated from the leaves and stalks.
The bell pepper harvester head was developed jointly by Ardo, Belgium's leading provider of frozen vegetables; Bourgoin, France's top harvesting equipment manufacturer; and Elad Etgar. Its unique design ensures that neither the pepper nor the plant is damaged, which derives in substantially higher output. Developed within a very short time frame, the harvester head will start work in the field very soon.

 Tailor-made tool developed to comply with the customer's specific requirements.