Tailor-Made Designs

Elad Etgar develops harvesting solutions that are designed for easy operation and maintenance, and can be easily adapted to any type of crop, soil and/or environmental conditions.
The uniqueness of the company lies in Elad Etgar's ability to develop tailor-made solutions for virtually any need. Leveraging years of experience working in the farm, Etgar's solutions maximize performance and minimizes costs, maintenance and manual labor.

When embarking on a project, Etgar works very closely with the customer. Design and development follow a very clear path, taking into consideration every single factor. Project execution spans from surveying the field (size and type of soil), through understanding the specific needs of the user, the type of seed, crop and yield, to the equipment to be used and market requirements. This intensive process results in the design and development of specialized solutions that comply with today's agricultural practices. Moreover, Elad Etgar leverages its knowhow and expertise to provide recommendations on how to improve existing machinery and/or seeds to yield better and more profitable produce. Moreover, Etgar provides its customers with useful insights as to how to plant and grow seeds so the crops can be machine harvested.

All this is accomplished using innovative technology, paying attention to detail, and using best quality controls that derive in longer service life and higher return on investment. It is this personalized care that makes Etgar a success worldwide.

Designs that Make a Difference

Etgar is engaged in numerous research and design projects globally, including:
  • Design of small machines for pepper and cotton respectively for automated combine harvesting in India, that reduce manual labor and increase productivity
  • Design of a harvester head that strips peppers from their leaves and stalks at the entrance to the processing factory
  • Corn harvesting head that easily folds up for road transport and is easy to operate and maintain
  • Tomato harvester with a heavy-duty turning disk with automatic depth control suitable for any field conditions
  • Improvement of combines to obtain better capacity and prevent damages to the irrigation system during the harvest
  • Unique broccoli dump forklift that is an integral part of a vehicle, eliminating the need for an additional tractor and operator when pouring the produce into large containers

All these developments and projects are impeccably managed and closely monitored by Elad Etgar, who maintains the family's tradition of evaluating the needs, studying the physical and automation environment, and designing a solution that is the best fit for achieving the intended purpose.

Patented Developments

Etgar heads are patented in the United States (No. US 8,079,203,B2) and are currently being registered in Israel and other countries. The uniqueness of these heads lies in their adjustment mechanism, which regulates the distance setting between centers of at least one pair of helixes on site, to adapt to the field's conditions and crop type.
This development ensures a better harvester attachment for row-planted ground vegetable crops, is very easy to assemble and operate, and ensures optimum harvesting and low maintenance costs.