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Standalone Mobile Harvester

This is a new Etgar design that features a minitractor that can be fitted with any of the company's heads. In addition to ensuring a high rate of crop compatibility and recovery, the miniature mobile harvester is also suitable for towing a sprayer and/or sowing machinery.
Used for tasks like preparing the soil, seeding, spraying and harvesting, this mobile harvester is ideal for small fields with difficult accessibility due to the inclination of the land or where large mechanized tools cannot be used. Extremely cost effective, it requires very low maintenance, is very simple to operate, and can easily replace the standard tractor in unique farm applications. The harvester's parts are easily and quickly replaceable.
The mobile minitractor is available with a forklift or towed cart, and can tow containers or be used to fill them. It can be ordered in widths from 1 meter to 2.5 meters, weighs 0.3 ton to 2.5 tons and has an operation speed of 3 km.